Thursday, July 5, 2012

...Momma Said There'd Be Days Like This...

I don't want to give the wrong impression about having twins. It's freaking hard. But Neil and Lizzie are pretty easy-going babies and for that I say, "Thank you, Jesus!" However, we've had our moments over the last few months. Here's an email (edited to delete some profanity that slipped out in my moment of stress and now including a few details that I was too frazzled to email at the time) that I sent to Scott about one of those moments. I hope you find the humor in it like we did...once it was over!

So, I start feeding Lizzie and Neil flips out on me big time. So I put Lizzie in a bouncer, grab Neil, and feed him on my lap while I feed her in the bouncer. Lizzie gets disinterested in eating so I stop feeding her and concentrate on Neil who starts slowing down and falling asleep. I decide to switch their spots to see if Lizzie wants more to eat. Nope! She poops all over my leg. I have to grab her, hold my pant leg to keep the poo-glob from falling on the rug, and get upstairs. Once there, I take off my poo pants and change Lizzie without any pants on! I get her cleaned up, she's laughing at me by now of course, get my leg cleaned up and start taking the laundry to the basement...completely forgetting that I don't have any pants on until I hit the kitchen! I run back upstairs and put pants on, then run back downstairs to get laundry started. So, now I have a second load of laundry going and both babies are mad at me because their feeding time was hectic! It's only 12:30!!!

RMH 7/10/12