Wednesday, April 17, 2013

...Use Your Noodle.

Pasta.  Probably my favorite thing to eat ever.  As my ever-expanding ass shows, I can't turn down a noodle in any form.  Ever.  So why can't I get my kids to eat pasta?

My kids have willingly tolerated trying most foods as we keep moving from baby food to table food, but put a noodle in front of them and all hell breaks loose!  We've tried them with sauce, with cheese, with butter, with nothing.  I've over-cooked them. I've under-cooked them.  Nada.  It's like something out of Green Eggs and Ham...they won't even touch them.  Instead, they scream bloody murder at the sight of them.  I'm sure the neighbors are wondering what we're doing to them.  Not to worry.  We're just trying to get our kids to freaking eat a noodle.

At this point we're either going to give up completely on the idea of giving them pasta, or we're going to have to get creative.  Who has an idea for me?

RMH 4/17/13