Monday, September 9, 2013

...Teething Bites.

Literally.  I know that Neil and Lizzie are 19 months now, and that dealing with teething should be a piece of cake by now, but it still bites.  The two constants that we have are drool and usually a slight fever.  We're fortunate in the fact that neither of the kids scream for hours on end when they are cutting teeth, so I'll try not to complain too much (someone ALWAYS has it worse), but this time around seems to be particularly taxing for all of us.

So far, we've had pretty decent fevers (maxing at 102), major drool, and some added gnawing.  We can handle all of that, thanks to Tylenol.  What's different is a huge drop in their appetites.  My kids are picky eaters to begin with, so getting them to eat can be a struggle sometimes.  This makes me overly sensitive to their eating habits, I guess.  But when they refuse to eat their favorites ( thank God for pb&j)...UGH!

Stressful is the first word that comes to mind, but even that word understates the feeling of helplessness that you feel when your kids refuse to eat.  Add the misery of a bone slowly making its way through their gums, and, well...teething bites.

I just keep thinking, "Only about six more teeth each..."

RMH 9/9/13