Sunday, June 10, 2018

... Elizabeth/Lizzie/Eliza...

"What's my name?  What's my name?"  Nope, not a Beyonce song.  It's from Disney's "The Descendants."  Get with the program.

Lizzie is into names right now, especially hers.  She likes that she can be Elizabeth or Lizzie.  Sometimes, when she's feeling fancy, she prefers Eliza.  Don't worry if she doesn't answer you when you call her, just keep calling different variations of her name until she responds.

Elizabeth/Lizzie/Eliza has turned into Ms. Independent, preferring to do things on her own, and work at them until she figures it out, or burns it all down out of frustration.  There's no in between for this one:  Completely passionately absorbed in something, or as disinterested and disengaged as possible.

That's not a criticism of her.  She wants to master things on the first try.  She's working on understanding that mistakes are good, that making mistakes is how you learn, and that mistakes are not failures.  It's a deep thing to try to understand at 6, but if she does get it, my little Wonder Woman is going to be unstoppable.

She loves her Barbies, animals, drawing, and tells me that she wants to be a doctor one day so that she can help people.  But it's not all seriousness with this one.  If I were to classify Lizzie, she's a total jazz musician.  Improvisation is totally her thing.  Ask Jamie and Chelsie about the song she made up at Violet's baptism!  It was the first of many hilarious songs, all stream-of-consciousness, songs detailing the moment that she's in.  She got it from her Momma.

RMH  6/10/18

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