Friday, May 24, 2013

...The March for Babies.

After experiencing a month in the NICU, and (still) learning about what being parents of preemies entails, we decided to become involved with the March of Dimes.  Okay, by WE I really mean I.  ("The royal We," right, Lewbowski fans?)  I felt compelled to do something to help MOD, so I created a family team and decided that we were going to participate in the MOD's annual March for Babies this year.  I invited family and friends to join our team, and even came up with a clever name for our team:  The HenderTwins.  It's part play on The Wonder Twins, and part tribute to my students who have decided that everything in my classrooms and life should start with "Hender."

I'm really excited for the walk next weekend, and I'm hoping that it can become an annual event for our family.  Who knows...maybe the HenderTwins will become some sort of epic MOD fundraising machine!  HenderTwin powers activate!

RMH 5/24/13

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