Wednesday, October 9, 2013

...How Did He Do It???

I just received a text from Scott:  "Both asleep."  Seems pretty innocuous, right?  WRONG!  I. AM. PISSED.

Let me go back a week.  Lizzie managed to climb out of her crib a few times.  Knowing full well that Neil would soon follow (and that he'd go head first), we switched the cribs to toddler beds last Friday.  Being the practical person that I am (or so I thought), I decided that we needed to do the switch for bedtime so that they would get used to them easily since they would be tired.  Cuteness ensued as we showed them their new beds, and they ran around like free-range chickens with their heads cut off.  Finally, they fell asleep, and stayed asleep in their beds for the entire night.

The next morning they got up and started playing.  No major issues.  "Awesome," I thought.  This is going to be an easy transition for them.  Then nap time came....and went...without a nap from Lizzie, and with a very late and short nap from Neil.  Short/No naps make for cranky kids, and an even crankier me.

Long story short, there hasn't been a nap in our house for almost a week...until today, apparently.  So, now the questions:  How the hell did he get them to go to sleep???  Why wasn't I able to get them to sleep???  WTF???  Is there a family conspiracy against me??? ;)

I can't wait to get the answers to these questions, so that I can figure out how he did it, and get us back into our routine again.  Mommy needs a nap too, apparently!!!

RMH 10/9/13

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