Tuesday, December 10, 2013

...(insert blank stare here)...

Thank God for the calendar on my phone.  Connected to both my email account AND Scott's, it's basically our personal assistant.  It even reminds me to clean, because, let's face it, I hate cleaning and I'll forget to do it if my phone doesn't remind me to do it.

I don't think that I was ever completely disorganized.  Yes, my bedroom was not the neatest place, but you could generally walk in there barefoot.  So why do I feel so disorganized and behind the game now?  I know it's all part of the territory with kids, especially multiples, but it still gets to me sometimes.  I wanted to be the crafty and creative mom, but that's obviously not where I'm at right now.  Instead of celebrating my inner Craftista, I'm celebrating the fact that I 1.  got home and everyone had pants on, 2. the kids ate something other than peanut butter and honey for dinner, and 3. no one peed on the carpet after bath time.

So, obviously the answer to your question is no, I am not on Pinterest.  Wait, I don't know the correct lingo here.  Is it supposed to be I don't DO Pinterest?  I don't pin?  I don't know!  I don't have an Instagram either(is that the way you say it?).  I don't have the time!  Honestly, I have a monthly reminder in my phone to set aside 30 minutes each month to "blog."  I use the term loosely.  As you can see, November's post didn't happen.  Someone recently asked me if we did Elf on the Shelf.  I stared at them blankly for a good minute before I burst out laughing.  I didn't even know what Elf on the Shelf WAS until last year.  And that was only because of Facebook posts.  Believe me, I was very confused as to why everyone had toy elves in their cereal boxes.

How do people have the time to do this stuff?  To be crafty, and organized, and bake, and have their Christmas cards created, addressed, and mailed before Thanksgiving?  I literally just did mine tonight...on Shutterfly...because I had a coupon.  It took me 45 minutes to do it, and I swore at the site the whole time.  Oh, and the cards are expected to arrive between December 20th and December 24th, so I'm really glad that they say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.  Hopefully I'll get them mailed before 2014.

Maybe the craftiness and inventiveness and creativity will come as the kids get older.  Or maybe each year I'll be swearing at Shutterfly...


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thequeenpisces said...

I still need to buy stamps to send out the cards I forgot to mail out last year that I plan to send out this year... and I don't have twins.